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Courses in the Pre-Health Professions Postbaccalaureate Program are designed to help you not only get into a professional health care school, but also succeed once you’re there. You will consult with our health professions academic adviser to develop your own program of study, which will include a minimum of 43 units of approved course work. Most of your courses will be required by professional schools, and the others will be either highly recommended or important for standardized test preparation.

We offer two programs: the Career Changer Program is for those with no science background. The Academic Finisher Program is for those who have completed at least one year of general biology and one year of general chemistry. Students in the Academic Finisher Program only need to take Year 2 of the Full-time Student schedule below.

Full-time student

Year 1
  • Fall semester: BIOL 151, CHEM 120A, PHYS 211/211L
  • Spring semester: BIOL 152, CHEM 120B, PHYS 212/212L
  • Summer semester: CHEM 301A, CHEM 301B
Year 2
  • Fall semester: BIOL elective, CHEM 302, CHEM 421
  • Spring semester: 3 or more units selected from list of electives, admission test, applications to professional schools

Part-time student

Year 1
  • Fall semester: CHEM 120A, PHYS 211/211L
  • Spring semester: CHEM 120B, PHYS 212/212L
  • Summer semester: No classes
Year 2
  • Fall semester: BIOL 151, CHEM 301A
  • Spring semester: BIOL 152, CHEM 301B
  • Summer semester: No classes
Year 3
  • Fall semester: CHEM 421, CHEM 302, BIOL elective
  • Spring semester: admissions test, applications to professional schools, BIOL elective

Pre-health post bacc veterinary alum Lauren Park.

"Faculty and staff members were great in steering me in the right direction to achieve my goals. And the students in my program were cooperative, not competitive. I am very thankful for all the assistance I received."

- Lauren Park, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Lauren’s story Alumni Stories

What’s your next step?

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Admission requirements


Interested in what it takes to apply? Take a detailed look at our admissions requirements.

Admission Requirements

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