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Don’t just apply — apply yourself

Regardless of your academic background, Cal State Fullerton’s Pre-Health Professions Postbaccalaureate Career Changer Program is designed to help you become a competitive professional health care school applicant. But it’s not just forms, test scores and transcripts: In addition to providing the courses you need, you will have the opportunity to work with professional mentors and gain hands-on clinical experience.

Note: We have other programs available for part-time study and for students with some science background. Schedule an advising appointment with our program manager to learn more.


CSUF Pre-health post bacc student Joshua Perese

“One of the great things about this program is that you are with people with similar goals — we all want to get involved and help people. When you put people with those similar mindsets into a room, great things can happen.”

- Joshua Perese

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Program at a glance

MD Linkages Area of study: Advanced chemistry, biology and physics courses; admissions test and application preparation.

MD Linkages Ideal for: Students with bachelor’s degrees in non-science fields who want to become competitive applicants for medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, PA and pharmacy professional school programs.

MD Linkages Program format: On campus (full- or part-time)

MD Linkages Number of courses: 12 (minimum of 43 units approved course work)

MD Linkages Program length: 2 years (full-time student); 3 years (part-time student)

MD Linkages Cost: $450 per unit (fees are subject to change at any time)

What’s your next step?

Learn more about our programs at an advising appointment or by joining the pre-health email list. By joining the list you will also receive program and application updates.



Let’s talk! Book an advising appointment with Program Manager Brandy Schaal.


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